Hardscape Design & Installation

Whether you are looking for a fresh new Outdoor Living Space, Brick Pavers to spice up your driveway or outdoor area, or a Retaining Wall, we offer all the options and more!

Services: Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pits - G&H Landscaping, Western MA

Outdoor Living Spaces

G&H Landscaping can create a functional, durable outdoor living space just outside your door!  Let us design and build your outdoor kitchen, grill center or patio using the most durable and decorative hardscape products available.

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Services: Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pits - G&H Landscaping, Western MA

Brick Pavers

Outlining your existing blacktop driveway with brick pavers can create a new and unique appearance. Brick pavers can be used for a decorative edging along your mulch or stone landscape beds.

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Services: Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pits - G&H Landscaping, Western MA

Retaining Walls

Whether you need a new retaining wall, or your existing wall needs replacement, we offer premium concrete block retaining wall systems that can be designed and engineered to fit any possible need! 

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Maintaining Your New Space

Want to ensure that your hardscape investment looks as good as new? Keeping it clean and sealed is the answer!

Our team at G & H Landscaping recommends routine hardscape cleaning and sealing for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your pavers. No more worrying about stains and discoloration ruining the look throughout the season!

Our service includes a thorough cleaning and washing of all hardscape areas, including retaining walls and edging. We’ll also re-sand the paver joints using “Polymeric” jointing sand and apply a low luster sealer (semi-gloss available upon request).

For best results, this service is recommended 30 to 60 days after new installations and routinely thereafter.

With this simple yet valuable service, your hardscape investment can look brand new for years to come! Contact us today to schedule your cleaning and sealing appointment.

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